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Black Bird

He always calls me
“Black Bird”

The one with lace wings
Afraid of getting hurt.

Free in dark shadows
Of moonless nights,
Seeking penumbra—
In the splendor of the day.

I was condemned
Not to be loved,
Or perhaps I’ve forgotten,
That time cures a pain.

I am the recipient of many goodbyes
Written with lead, in notes of farewell.

There is a wondrous glow in his eyes
Parting my fears; it shows me a way.
Feels like a safe haven (the palm of his hands)
His lips look like branches,
Where mine could be perched.
I soar high—beyond the stars
When he looks at me;
And calls me,

Black Bird!

— Clairel Estevez

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Clairel Estevez
Clairel Estevez


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