for this article i'm gonna be doing something a bit different.

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i was scrolling down the explore page last night and came across an article that someone had written with #thesparkleteam in the title. i clicked on it, read a little bit then decided it would be a fun thing to join.

this article is my "application" i guess for #thesparkleteam!

about me

i write under an alias simply because i want this to be my get away from everything in my life, therefore i will not be sharing my real name.

i've been on whi for about 2 years, but i just started writing articles in late september.

i'm 15 years old and i live in america. i'm very involved in one of the biggest youth organizations in the world, where i do things like public speaking, community service, competition activities plus more. i have a pretty busy schedule but i'm good at time management so i'll definitely be able to post whenever necessary.

i've ran a tip account on instagram with my best friend since july 2017, so i'd like to think i'm good at coming up with creative things to post. we also take turns planning what to post, the theme, etc. so i'd say i'm good at working with a team.

i'm open to having a group chat on instagram, but if i were to join the team that's where the group chat would have to be made because i'm not allowed to have snapchat.

also, sorry for how i'm typing this; i promise i'm not this intellectual-sounding in real life, it's just that when i'm writing something i naturally try and make it sound as mature as possible lol

so anyways, that's why i think i'd be a good asset to this team!

i hope y'all enjoyed reading this article! i'm currently brainstorming some tip-like articles to write so i'll be back soon with one of those. love y'all!

my account:

mae ✰
mae ✰

love, mae