I have always been single like never ever been in a relationship single. And yah I'm younger like 16, but still I want 1.

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I have only ever known of one person who had a crush on me and he was 10 and I was 11, nothing occurred from this. And I have had at least 20 crushes and have never ever told anyone, even denied them. Also I'm very socially awkward (or at least thats what I think) and talking to boys is very hard for me.
I mean maybe thats why nothing has ever happened to me relationship wise.
anyways this is the longest introduction I have ever written and I am now going to explain why I want a boyfriend.

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1) I like the idea of it
I know this sounds super shallow but since I've never had a "thing" or been in a relationship or flirted maybe I just think its a lot worse then I think it is.

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2) it would be different
I'm so used to the same relationships or types friendships and family and the ones you have with people you work with or teachers at school. But I have never been friends with a guy nor have cousins near my age who are guys who I could hang out with or talk to. So yah I just want change really.
And also that feeling which everyone seems to have of wanting to be with someone forever and loving someone so much in an intimate way that it makes your hormones jump. it seems beautiful and like a really nice thing.

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3) crushes
since I have so many crushes this doesn't even need to be explained. honestly though this is a problem I created for myself

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4) movies, music and tv shows
I watch and listen to so much music and tv that I have seen so many relationships whether or not they are realistic and even the sad ones I want something like that.

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