Week 1: Starting point

Why did I decide to start this journal?
I decided to start this journal because I want to keep motivated, I have tried many types of diets and exercises in the past and some of them have worked, but I lost motivation and ended up gaining more weight. Also, this journal is intended to keep track of my achievements. I believe that if I write down or upload everything I do and the results I get, I will see how much I am progressing and feel even more motivated to keep going forward.
This is very important to me because I have high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, sugar and uric acid in my blood, so I really have to star taking care of myself and change my lifestyle.

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What I am going to do in order to achieve my goals?
❉ I'll try to eat a lot better, to include more vegetables, fruits and healthy food and eat less junk food.
❉ I'll try to exercise at least 3 times a week.
❉ I'll try to get more hours of sleep each night.
❉ I'll try to drink more water.

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Initial weight: 73 kg
Ideal weight: 60 kg

Challenge for this week: Try to drink at least 2 lt of water per day.

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Motivation of the week

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Wish me luck :)