hey, lovelies! I am writing this article mainly to those of you who live in areas that are transitioning from summer to winter rather harshly. I live in Georgia, the capital of "bipolar weather". Down here, it's 40 degrees one day and 90 the next. I know this may not seem abnormal to some of you, but to me and my southern folks this constant change in temperature can do a number to our bodies!

most obviously, we have the physical affects of the changing weather. The pollen count is rising, the drop in temperature creates congestion, and in severe conditions, low temperatures can cause circulatory difficulties causing problems with the heart and joints, creating migraines due to constriction of the brain's blood vessles, and breathing problems due to airway spasms. also, who can forget the numbing feeling of your limbs loosing circulation and turning blue! (shout out to anyone with raynauds disease out there!)

although many of these things are just things we have to deal with depending on where you are living and the severity of the weather change, but here are a few tips and tricks to minimize the affects of this cold weather!

if you feel like you can't breathe...

try to cover your nose and mouth when you walk outside which will help limit the cold air going into your system. the cold air is what makes you feel restricted, so try as hard as possible to keep from breathing it in!

if you can't get over that bad cold...

the colds are likely due to us spending more time inside to avoid the cold, spending more time in close contact with others. wash your hands often and try taking some vitamins to boost your immune system. if your cold persists after 2 weeks, go to a doctor for you could have developed a sinus or ear infection! don't forget to drink plenty of fluids which will help wash away congestion, and try turning your hot shower on and breathing in the steam.

if your joints ache...

although there is no scientific evidence that the cold affects your joints, theories suggest the cold causes lower air pressure in your joints causing them to press on each other and swell. I definitely feel the cold on my joints, and the best way I can combat the pain is through working out and stretching! these keep your joints loose and flexible so you are less likely to feel that pesky stiff feeling in the mornings or after being immobile for long periods of time. try using moist heat, like a wheat bag, or ice which can reduce swelling.

if your skin is cracking!

one of the worst parts of cold weather is what it does to your skin! i would suggest finding a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, and exfoliating no more than twice a week to get the dead skin off. also, when you apply makeup, try using a primer which will help prevent the makeup from clinging to dry patches.

alright y'all! that's all i have for you today! I might make a part 2 of this because I have more tips and tricks but don't want to make this article unbearably long. let me know what tips you have to combat the cold weather!