Sometimes we feel like our life is not valued, and that no one can love us. I think we all have had these feeling in some or many points of our life, and I join to this because many times these thoughts have passed through my head and I can not find an answer.

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I can say that very recently I was at a point like this in my life, in which my self-esteem was on the floor, I had no confidence, in my appearance and in my inner part, I did not love myself. I didn´t understand why I wasn´t comfortable with my self but I can say that initially, it was my body, a long time ago I had problems with food, something that very few people know about me, I didn´t eat and I weigh very little. I saw that all the girls had beautiful, voluptuous bodies, that everyone liked them, but I could not achieve that, I was also complexed with my face because I thought it was not harmonic, among other things that I did not love about me.

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After some years in which I suffer a lot, I realized that we all are beautiful in our own kind of way. When we realize that being different is the essence of life and that you transmit what you feel and what you think is the first step of self-acceptance. For this reason when we hate or are not comfortable with our being is what we reflect on other people, but instead when we love ourselves, we see ourselves in the mirror and say every day that we are beautiful, no matter what we have pimples, wrinkles, stretch marks and other things that often make us uncomfortable, the people around us will also love us, since we are going to be spreading good vibes and everything starts with self-love.

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Think about how you dress, do your make up, how you arrange or paint your hair and how much you weight, we do it to please us and not the others. Critics don´t matter, we must learn to not listen to them if we feel good about ourselves that is what it is worth.

LOVE YOUR SELF NO MATTER WHAT, every part of you is beautiful in its own way, fill yourself with positive thoughts every morning, radiate love for yourself towards others and do not doubt that you are beautiful in your way, imperfection makes perfection.

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I am not perfect but I wouldn´t change anything about my self, it´s all about attitude and self-love

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