Hi everyone! I'm posting autumn themed articles every Monday and Saturday up until the beginning of December! I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I love making them. Sending positve vibes everywhere around the world. Love you all! x


Hey my dudes. It's the beginning of November, and I thought I'd share with you guys a few of my favourites for the previous month. I hope you guys check out some of the things I recommend, and let me know if there's things you guys want me to explore. ILY and have a wonderful week!

Favourite TV Show

American Horror Story - literally, I've just finished watching season 7 ("Cult") and now I'm watching "Apocalypse", the latest season. This show is awesome and if you like scary stuff with a bit of drama, this is definitely something for you!
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Favourite Singer

Billie Eilish - not only is she so freaking talented, but her voice is so beautiful and different from anyone else that I've listened to. Not only that, but I enjoy her unique sense of style; it's very different and really chic.
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Favourite Song

High Hopes - from Panic! At the Disco (second favourite artist), this is one of my favourite songs so far, because it's incredibly motivational and upbeat. I've been listening to a lot of depressed music, and being able to enjoy something peppy to make me feel better really helps.
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A couple of photos of the performance of this song.

Favourite Makeup Brand

Anastasia Beverly Hills - although their products are incredibly expensive, I enjoy their products and their newest palette, the Sultry Palette. They have really high-quality contour kits and lipsticks as well.
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Favourite Fashion Trend

Sweaters - I've mentioned this one too many times, but if you guys don't know, sweaters have been my ultimate go-to piece of clothing through the months September and October. They're seasonal, cozy, and comfortable to wear and you can do so many things with them!
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Favourite Movie

Cloverfield - this is literally the best action and science fiction movie I've watched. There's a huge conspiracy theory behind it and I'm doing all this research on it because why can't I? I love it so much; it's different, well-directed, and has really good acting. It's definitely something you should watch (available on Netflix)
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Favourite YouTuber

Shane Dawson - literally, the only thing I can say about Shane is that he's definitely improved his content throughout the years. I'm so proud of all that he's accomplished and although there's been things that he's done that I don't agree with, I appreciate his genuine honesty and humbleness. He's so talented at what he does and I can see him lasting for a really long time on YouTube and even mainstream media.
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Favourite Book

Dante: The Inferno - Published around the early 1300s, this long poem is about Dante and his journey through the nine circles of hell in order to make his way to heaven. I enjoy it because I love reading poetry and old works, but if you have something modern that I should read, HMU in the DMs and let me know! If you guys like stuff from the "olden days", definitely read this!
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Favourite Hobby

Long Drives - I can't drive, but whenever I have the opportunity to do something, I love going for a drive with my mother and having intimate conversations with her. This allows us to bond more and to express how we feel about certain things without the input of others around us. Not only that, but long drives allow me to see parts of the world that are beautiful, but not often seen. (NOTE: I mentioned this on my fall bucket list, and I'm glad to have accomplished it) :)
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Favourite Coffee Place/Fast-Food Company

Dutch Bros - I love Dutch Bros. It's a coffee chain along the west coast of the United States and it was established in Grants Pass, Oregon. I recommend trying one of their drinks if you ever see one. They even got one in Las Vegas, too! Their rebels and frosts are the best!
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