Hey guys!!! This week in Let's Learn Korean we will learn the Days of The Week. The days of the week are very simple and easy to learn especially with some practice.

Image by ☀ÉUPHORIA☀

Monday- 얼요일 (Whul-yoh-eel)

inspirational, monday, and quote image inspirational, monday, and quote image

Tuesday- 화요일(Hwa-yoh-eel)

inspirational, quote, and tuesday image tuesday funny quotes image

Wednesday- 수요일(Soo-yoh-eel)

wednesday, american horror story, and black image happy wednesday pictures image

Thursday- 목요일(Mog-yoh-eel)

5d, angel, and compassion image funny, girl, and happy image

Friday- 금요일(Geum-yoh-eel)

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Saturday- 토요일(Toh-yoh-eel)

saturday, light, and neon image rainy day, saturday, and weekend image

Sunday- 일요일(Eel-yoh-eel)

autumn, fall, and book image orange, aesthetic, and style image

Also if there are any suggestions on a certain topic for Korean words or grammar you guys want me to make an article about I will do that. Right now I have a list of articles lined up, but if anyone just absolutely wants me to make a certain article I will make it my top priority just message me.