So in this article, I'm going to try to explain and show you some tattoo's that I would want. These tattoos would represent my best friends. I really want to get some tattoo's, but I never did because I'm scared. I'm scared I won't like them after a while or that it's going to hurt (and it's also expensive).

But anyway, let's get started...

This tattoo would represent one off my best friends. When I see something that has to do with space and planets, I automatically think about her.
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upper arm, bracelet tattoo
For this tattoo I would want to combine these two tattoo's. The tattoo would be a simple line as shown above, around my upper arm like a bracelet. On the line would be laying a dog and a cat looking at eachother. The type of dog and cat would be different than in the pictures, but you get what I mean, I hope.
This tattoo would represent my other best friend and me. My best friend really is a cat person, and I'm a dog person. But it would also show how different we are. We are complete opposites, but we still are best friends because she has what I need and visa versa.
tattoo and dog image bracelet, cat, and sleeping image
upper arm, bracelet tattoo
This last tattoo in the best friend category, it's a tattoo that represents my thrid best friend. She plays the violin and she's really passionate about that. She plays her violin a lot. So when I think of her, I think of (classical) music. That's why a tattoo like these would represent her very well.
tattoo and music image Image removed
upper arm, bracelet tattoo

So that was it for this article. I will probably, in the future, write an article about tattoos that would represent my family.

Thank you for reading my article!