The Queen's Fool
By: Shelby McLoudrey

There was a queen both beautiful and kind
Loved throughout the land and by all of mankind

Her people built her a castle with a thrown and all
To remind her who she was and to keep her standing tall

As graceful as she was strong
She never stood for anyone who did her kingdom wrong

She had a heart of gold to creatures both big and small
She’d never tell but she loved her best friend most of all

Sometimes an escape is what she needed for life was not all that simple
So she snuck out to a masquerade where a flame was quick to enkindle

For when identities are secured behind masks it’s hard to tell who’s the fool
For diamonds can hide in the rough, so can coals hide among jewels

Riddles can hide behind eyes of blue,
It’s a life lesson in which teachings are cruel

The fool made her laugh, he said he’d give her forever
He slowly got what he wanted for he thought he was very clever

She sought out love but he sought out power
When she gave him her crown she felt like the fool from the other tower

The kingdom loved her so, they scorned him until his body vanished
The fool was gone by midnight, everyone said he was banished

The queen regained her crown she never lost alongside her fearless knight
Not long forgotten the fool who despite all his trick forever bid goodnight.