// From backpacks to cities, here's a list of my favorite things //

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been wanting a kanken backpack for so many years so i actually bought one a couple of days ago in the color forest green and i'm in love!
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i love iphone, been faithful to apple for 6-7ish years now. today i own a black iphone 8 plus.
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the fault in our stars. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. i'm obsessed with the movie and the book. you def should watch it and read it, you won't regret it (but a lot of tears will be shed).
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one thing i can't live without, my headphones. i own a wireless pair from sony.
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i really don't do my makeup that often but when i do my holy grails are anastasias dipbrow and their browgel, too faced eyeshadow primer, kat von d tattoo liner and a pair of badass lashes!
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iced caramel latte is probably gonna be one of my favs forever, the bitter taste of coffee mixed with the sweet taste of caramel and cold milk, so delicious.
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one of my fav cities that i'd love to live in is new york, been there once in 2015 and i miss it everyday.