Okay!! We got fantasy, sci-fi, drama, romance, laughs, witches, BL/GL, settings in the past/future - all going on ♥ The order of them is not related to how good they are.

The art styles vary, and some of them don't look great to start with but get better as the chapters go on so don't judge! Also, none of the images in this article will feature artwork from the comics themselves.

(All of these comics are SFW because I want this article to go up and stay up, pfft. Although, if the description mentions assassins or something then I'm going to assume you can deduce for yourself that there's gonna be some mild violence. I wasn't sure if I could include more mature / 16+ ones with a warning so I didn't, sorry~)

Most of these are ongoing works with a lot to binge on before you have to wait for updates, some are finished and some don't have that many chapters out yet but have sooooo much potential~!

Enjoy my nerd collection, sorry if some of my own descriptions are short or non-existant. The reason behind that is that some of these I read a long time ago and can't remember that well- I just know that I loved them and they deserve to be on this list!

(in italics is the description provided by each creator)

books, love, and bookshelf image

1) Alice and the Nightmare by Michelle "Misha" Krivanek

http://www.aliceandthenightmare.com/about - Fantasy, Mystery, Coming-of-age, LGBTQ+

If you like Alice in Wonderland - let's go honey - you down. Really cute and beautiful magical stuff going on, different powers for different suits from a deck of cards, it's fun! There is also (as the name says) a dark side lingering, and I can't wait for it to unveil itself!

"Alice and the Nightmare is a comic heavily inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. It follows the story of Alice Heart as she attends the prestigious Phantasmagoria University, where Wonderlandians like her train to enter and collect the dreams of sleeping humans. The comic features magic, dark fantasy elements, and plenty of sweet tea time treats!"

alice, animal, and anime image

2) Lackadaisy by Tracy J Butler

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/lackadaisy/list?title_no=39790 - Somewhat Action, Historical, Fun

Oh it's so good, the art is wonderful, the expressions alone are so animated and rich! The characters ugh, every character is so interesting and they have such full personalities, none of them are textbook characters at all and I love it!

"Set in 1920s St. Louis, Lackadaisy is the story of an unlikely gang of jazz cats, alley cats and fat cats doing their best to survive the bootleg business while keeping their subterranean speakeasy afloat. "

dork, funny, and animal image
reminds me of one of the characters pfft

3) Blindsprings by Kadi Fedoruk

http://www.blindsprings.com/about - Fantasy and Coming-of-age

Magic yasss, problematic and mysterious characters, especially the spirits - I love themmmmm oof.

"A magical adventure about lost princesses, ancient spirits, and growing up...

Princess Tamaura survived a revolution by making a seemingly Faustian deal with mysterious, masked spirits. Pledged to them for 300 years, Tammy is about to fulfill her pact when a young man finds her and decides that she is meant to be saved, whether she likes it or not. His "rescue" pulls Tamaura out of her timeless verdant sanctuary and into a world that has advanced without her ... where war is brewing over the same magic that flows through her veins. How will her return change this new world?

Along with her friends Imogen and Street, Tammy encounters many strange and dangerous beings, who all want different things from her. Caught between what the Spirits want and what the different human groups want, Tammy must now find out for herself what is best for this new world, and what is best for her.

Blindsprings is an all-ages comic: a coming-of-age story about magic, trust, and endless fluffy hair."

art, bats, and broomstick image
Temporarily removed

4) Witchy by Ariel Ries

http://witchycomic.com/about/ - Fantasy, Drama, Coming-of-age

Okay magical fantasy again which is always a good time, but it has this underlying current of such strong emotions and messages that I love - the relationships between the characters is also refreshingly realistic. Also, there are no white lies and easy ways out taken by the characters - it's really real and gritty but doesn't seem so in a way because it's also charming and sweet.

"In the witch kingdom Hyalin, the strength of your magic is determined by the length of your hair. Those that are strong enough are conscripted by the Witch Guard, who enforce the law in peacetime and protect the land during war. However, those with hair judged too long are pronounced enemies of the kingdom, and annihilated. This is called a witch burning.

Witchy is an ongoing webcomic about the young witch Nyneve, who is haunted by the death of her father and the threat the Witch Guard poses to her own life. When conscription rolls around, Nyneve has a choice to make; join the institution complicit in her father’s death, or stand up for her ideals?"

kiki, studio ghibli, and kiki's delivery service image

5) Hellish by soxu

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/hellish/list?title_no=200387 - Romance and Fantasy

This comic is currently in the transition stage between moving from the Challenge section to the Featured section of the Webtoon site bah. All I remember is that the art was lush and the story really interesting so we wait! I mean the description is tempting indeed...

"A witch tries to summon a demon but gets... something else."

anime, black butler, and funny image

6) Saint for Rent by Ru Xu

http://www.saintforrent.com/about - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Time Travel, Slice-of-life, might be a bit of Romance?

"Saint runs an inn for Time Travelers, which leaves him little time to write his trashy romance novels. Always a pit stop in the crisscrossing lives of his out-of-date friends and family, Saint wonders where his place is in a world that is quickly passing him by.

Unfortunately, he also seems to attract more… supernatural “guests,” too."


"It contains animated .gifs, historical drama, futuristic utopia/dystopia,
and the kind of non-linear storytelling in which seemingly unrelated
character arcs merge and develop as the main plot advances."

Image removed

7) Missing Monday by Elle Skinner

http://www.missingmondaycomic.com/about - Fantasy, GL, Mystery

"Missing Monday is a coming of age webcomic that follows Foyle Leaf and her growing relationship with Monday Rhodes, a girl from another world who appears one day through a doorway in an abandoned clocktower."

adventure time, finn, and marceline image

8) Novae by KaixJu

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/novae/list?title_no=106507 - Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Historical, LGBT+, M/M

It looked cute and promising, go see!

"Novae is a historical romance with a touch of the paranormal and a dash of astronomy. It chronicles the adventures of Sulvain, a sweet tempered necromancer and Raziol, a passionate 17th century astronomer. A connection forms between them and their relationship blooms, however when the body of a fellow astronomer is found on the steps of the Academy of Sciences, their lives are entangled in ways they could never foresee."

Temporarily removed
dark image

9) Purple Hyacinth by Sophism/Ephemerys

https://www.webtoons.com/en/drama/purple-hyacinth/list?title_no=1621 - Drama, Romance, Crime, Mystery, Comedy, Action

I am so excited for every update of this comic, I am invested and intrigued! The art is lovely and just all of the characters are gorgeoussss~

"He's an assassin. She's a police officer. Now, they need to work together without "accidentally" killing each other. "

art, drawing, and flowers image
not a hyacinth but it'll do~

10) Lalin's Curse by Isakytm

https://www.webtoons.com/en/drama/lalins-curse/list?title_no=1601 - Supernatural, Drama, Mystery

There are so many secrets and mysteries and all the characters are so lovable and ugggh I love updates!! Sppooooooppppyyy

"In a small town in northern Spain, a group of teenagers begin to investigate and search for evidence of paranormal phenomena. Although the "evidence" they seek may find them first."

anime, cemetery, and fantasy image

11) [un]divine by Ayme Sotuyo

http://www.undivinecomic.com/about - Supernatural/Fantasy, Drama, Coming-of-age

Demons! Whoo!

"Daniel, a high school senior, has problems just like anyone his age has. However, dealing with his problems by giving up his soul for a demon that will help him isn’t the usual thing to do. The now freed demon Esther wasn’t what he expected but with her help Daniel will finally have things going his way! Never mind the sudden bouts of throwing up blood and fevers. What can you expect with no soul, right?"


"[un]Divine is a dark fantasy comic that deals with revenge, morality, friendship and monsters. Has very mild language and very mild blood/gore but gonna say so just in case"

(The blood/gore is not from violence, it's the reaction from summoning a demon and the artstyle is very cartoony so it's not graphic at all.)

Temporarily removed
this is how intimidating our demon is pfft

12) Devil's Candy by Bikkuri (Clint Bickham) and Rem (Priscilla Hamby, Tsulala)

http://devilscandycomic.com/about - Supernatural, Coming-of-age, Comedy

It took me a little while to get into this, I was worried it would be cliche or repetative - nope! Keep going, it's gooooood fun.

moon, light, and night image

"This us a world where devils reside
some tall and some small,
some thin and some wide.
Some hairy, some scary,
some sweet and some snide.

This is the tale of Scarlet Crown's pride
and of Hemlock Heart where prejudice is decried.
Although these events seem like a dreadful ride,
the devils of the world always take them in stride.

Yet there is one girl, who may turn the tide...

Pandora, Pandora, where are your claws?
Where are your fangs if they're not in your maw?

Pandora, Pandora, where are your wings?
You seem to be missing so many things.

Pandora, Pandora, where are your horns?

Pandora, Pandora, why were you born?"

gif and dance image

13) Glacias by Yaruno (writer) and Nawa (artist)

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/glacias/list?title_no=49075 - Fantasy and Cuteness

anime, art, and boy image

Dragons my dude, ya' gon' like it. Honestly it's a bit cheesey, but it's cute and the emotions really reach at times.

" In a world where people live in fear of dragons, Juka, together with his dragon Lyth, is trying to bring balance between humans and dragons! He claims that humans and dragons can live side by side, if they only took the time to understand each other. "

how to train your dragon, httyd, and dreamworks image

14) Foxglove by ekichou/puucha

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/foxglove/chapter-6-parting/viewer?title_no=200266&episode_no=6 - Fantasy, Drama, Cuteness

Only a handful of characters introduced so far but I am already so in love with them that it's embarrassing, they're so precious and cute I squee~

"Witch’s gloves and deadman’s bells. Amidst the witch hunts sanctioned by the Crown, a certain witch burns, leaving in her wake an influx of magical stirrings, a backhanded deal, and an insidious plot. Within the chaos, her familiar searches for the last remnants of her creations - only to find empty eggshells in the cinders."

animation, art, and bird image

15) Lilith's Word by Nina

http://www.lilithword.com/about - Mystery, Supernatural/Fantasy

If you like blue eyes you've found the webcomic for you my dear.

"If you had enough power to make any wish come true, but only using one word, what would you say?

This story is about a God called Lilith who has the power to create anything she desires by speaking a single word. Sadly, no one ever taught her how to use her power. She and her brother travel the world together, hoping to find answers. Their quest follows a very specific rule - they spend three months in a place. When the time is up, they have to move on.

When they stumble upon a strange group of people in a forest, the divine siblings uncover a mystery that may require more than their allocated three months in that area to untangle."

girl and sea image

16) Stand Still. Stay Silent by Minna Sundberg

http://www.sssscomic.com - Apocalypse, Fantasy, Action, Spoops, Cats

THIS ONE OF MY FAVES. But let's be real, the prologue was boring as heck, please keep with it though, once you're in there it's so so so good. This comic made me learn about Iceland and the other Nordic countries without me realising it which is always nifty. Also, it's not a horror, but it's really atmospheric and genuinely scared me a little in moments. Don't worry though if you don't like horror, neither do I, it's really not a horror or a thriller! The art is gorgeous, yes, yes, yes, got mages and stuffff~

8 bit, art, and artsy image

"It's been 90 years after the end of the old world. Most of the surviving population of the Known world live in Iceland, the largest safe area in existence, while the safe settlements in the other Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, are small and scarce.

Countless mysterious and unspoken dangers lurk outside the safe areas, the Silent world, and hunters, mages and cleansers will spend their lives defending the settlements against the terrifying beings. Because of a great fear towards everything in the Silent world no official attempts to explore the ruins of the old have been made, and most of the information about it has turned into ancient lore, known by few.

But now, at last, it is time to send out an research crew into the great unknown! A poorly funded and terribly unqualified crew, but a crew nonetheless."

art, fan art, and game image

17) Asuras's Bride by Lilydusk

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/asuras-bride/list?title_no=198569 - Romance, Historical, Drama

Not a cute cliche princess story for sure, the art is lovely though and the characters are gorgeous. Mild violence warning!

"On her way to an arranged marriage, a haughty princess is ambushed and held captive by bandits until she is rescued by a tired, hungry and grouchy soldier. All the accidental knight-in-shining-armour wants is to get some sleep after returning from the battlefield - but having a beautiful princess in tow is making it very difficult for him to do so, in more ways than one"

mulan and disney image

18) Gourmet Hound by Leehama

https://www.webtoons.com/en/drama/gourmet-hound/list?title_no=1245 - Wholesome, Heartwarming, Cute, Drama, Romance, LGBTQ+, Food

The characters are all so precious and pretty and wholesome! Also, because there is a running topic of food every chapter is so colourful and it feels like I should be able to smell each chapter too...

"Lucy, a woman with an uncanny sense of taste and smell, discovers that her favorite restaurant has changed kitchen staff--and she does not know the identity of the chef whose cooking she's loved for years. When a lucky accident leads her to two former chefs at Dimanche, she decides that she will do her utmost to track down each of their old colleagues in order to rediscover that "perfect taste".

Temporarily removed

19) Flowerpot by Leehama (again!)

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/flowerpot/list?title_no=51856 - Heartwarming, Cute, Wholecome, LGBTQ+, Flowery

Currently on hiatus to work on Gourmet Hound, but you should still read it, it's so adorable and the characters are so precious.

"Ten years ago, Ben was the first person to be infected by a strange disease that causes flowers to grow from his body every spring and summer. In a world where flowers have become frightening, Ben has come to accept that most people will want to keep their distance from his dandelions. However, when an enthusiastic photographer arrives out of the blue and asks Ben to be a part of his project, Ben begins to discover what being a “flowerpot” really means."

haikyuu, kenma, and anime image

20) Miss Abbott and the Doctor by Maripaz Villar

https://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/miss-abbott-and-the-doctor/list?title_no=707 - Romance, Comedy, Historical

Silly and wholesome romance~

dress, flowers, and reunion image

"Doctor Andreas Marino loves his quiet life, filled with work and simple amusements, and when the strange Miss Abbott arrives in his town he decides he doesn't like her at all. Unfortunatelly she's funny and quirky, has an uncommon past and seems to enjoy getting him in trouble. Welcome to a sketchy (the art style pfft) Victorian rom-com!"

couple, rain, and cute image

21) Mage and Demon Queen by Color_LES

https://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/mage-and-demon-queen/list?title_no=1438 - GL, Comedy, Fantasy, RPG themes

It's so adorable and funny uwu Also I like the whole gaming and leveling element~

"Adventurers seek to take the demon queen’s head, but a young female mage wishes to take her hand."

adventure time, marceline, and princess bubblegum image

22) SubZero by Junepurrr

https://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/subzero/list?title_no=1468 - Romance, Drama

Such strong characters and they're so handsome and beautiful and also dragons... What more do you want?

anime, chihiro, and spirited away image

"In a last attempt at peace, Clove, the last princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan is forced into a political marriage with an enemy prince."

dragon, art, and fantasy image

23) Super Secret by eon

https://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/super-secret/list?title_no=666 - Romance, Cuteness, Fantasy

Awh, this one really makes me laugh and smile and there are so many cinammon rolls here.. ♥ Vampires, Witches, Nine tailed Foxes, all sorts!

"The boy next door, friends for life, is actually a werewolf!"

adorable, anime, and child image
gif, Howl, and sophie image

24) My Giant Nerd Boyfriend by fishball

https://www.webtoons.com/en/slice-of-life/my-giant-nerd-boyfriend/list?title_no=958 - Slice of life, Comedy, Romance, Relatable

One of the few comics without a continuous story/plot running through, but they're cute and funny so yes!

animation, beautiful, and blossom image
wait for it

"A height difference of a foot and above might seem adorable to some, but it usually causes a lot of minor inconveniences. Follow Fishball as she navigates the Malaysian life with her 6'5" geeky boyfriend."

Temporarily removed

25) AppleBlossom by aerous

https://tapas.io/series/AppleBlossom - Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Gaay

Not many chapters out yet but seems promising!

"Bastion would do absolutely anything for the man he’s been in love with for centuries. From the moment he fell from heaven, to the day his angel hood was returned to him, he had always longed for Kane in secret. Until after years of fighting off a tall annoyingly beautiful man, he finally has the perfect gift; A magical egg that can grant any dream in your heart."

Temporarily removed

26) Always Human by walkingnorth (Completed)

https://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/always-human/list?title_no=557 - Romance, GL, LGBTQ+, Comedy, Sci-Fi

I cannot speak highly enough of this webcomic, the art style really makes you feel and the messages in the story are so valuable.

"This is a story about nanobots, genetic engineering, and two girls falling in love. No matter how technology changes us, we'll always be human."

Temporarily removed

27) Aerial Magic by walkingnorth (again!)

https://www.webtoons.com/en/drama/aerial-magic/list?title_no=1358 - Drama, Wholesomeness, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

Again, the art styleeeee is so pleeaasing ♥ Makes me laugh too!

"The daily life of an apprentice witch."

animal, art, and books image

28) Salty Studio by omyo

https://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/salty-studio/list?title_no=74 - Romance

I have learnt and remember real life lessons from this webcomic!!!

"Togeun used to work for his father’s company without any passion, so he quits his job and moves out from his parents’ house in order to follow his dream in drawing. At the homecoming party (reunion party), Togeun begs Sonagi, a great illustrator, to teach him how to draw."

art, artist, and atticus image

29) Refund High School by LICO

https://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/refundhighschool/list?title_no=1360 - Fantasy, School life, Coming-of-age, Romance

Real cute and all but you got yo demons and hell and oof I love.

"Do you want a refund on your life? Start earning karma at The Refund High School to reincarnate as an ideal version of yourself."

amusement park, anime, and art image

30) 1HP Club by elfboi

https://tapas.io/series/1hpclub - Fantasy, Comedy, Idk yet

Not many chapters out yet but the characters are attractive and I have laughed!

"Daily life of dungeon boys."

anime girl, fan art, and flower image

32) Smile Brush by waroo (Completed)

https://www.webtoons.com/en/slice-of-life/smile-brush/list?title_no=94 - Slife of life, Heart warming

"These are the heartwarming episodes from Waroo who is a boy that has a long hair and likes to try new experiences."

33) Smile Brush: My Old Pictures by waroo (Completed)


"Smile Brush Season 2! Waroo comes back with more heartwarming memories to share."

Such sincere and wholesome messages, cute, easy to digest - another no continuous plot webcomic.

anatomy, beard, and bracelets image

34) Extra Ordinary by Li Chen

https://www.exocomics.com/about - Slice of life, Comedy, Heartwarming, Cute!

Another one with no continuous plot, SO CUTE!!! The art really improves as it goes ♥

cute image

35) Mondo Mango by The Kao

https://tapas.io/series/MondoMango - Slice of life, Comedy, Cute

I love the work of this bendy straw obsessed delight of a human being!! Does not have a continuous plot btw.

"Just a guy enjoying the silly and random adventures of life~

adorable, animal, and baking image

36) Name Pending by CK (who is dating The Kao ^ and they talk to each other in the comments sometimes and the ship has sailed and it makes me fangirl hard)

https://tapas.io/series/Name-Pending - Slice of life, Comedy, Cool

Cool and cute and yes! Also does not have a continuos plot.

"Random Ideas I have or events that happen."

cat, illustration, and cute image

37) Castle Swimmer by Wendy Lian Martin

https://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/castle-swimmer/list?title_no=1499 - Fantasy, Romance, BL, Wholesome adorableness

I got so invested in these characters sooo quickly, they are so precious and I love that they are exploring themes that often have a lot of cliches, but this doesn't have 'em thank goodness.

"What happens when your entire life is ruled by a prophecy – your future foretold by people you’ve never met, who died long before you were born. Such is the story of two young sea creatures. One believed to be a guiding light for his people, a Beacon who will lead them to a bright, prosperous future. The other is a teenage prince for who’s destiny is to KILL the Beacon so that HIS own people might thrive. When both reject the course set for them, it leads to a raucous adventure as big and unpredictable as the ocean itself – and a romance that nobody could have predicted."

animal, art, and happy image

38) Four Leaf by Lumaga

https://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/four-leaf/list?title_no=1454 - Fantasy, Magical Girls but not really heh, Low-key spoopy

The characters are so interesting and well designed, there is a lot of depth to them that hasn't been explored yet and I'm really looking forward to that. The creator is excellent at encouraging you to feel a certain way about certain characters and you have no idea why... lot of random suspicions about.

"Lupe hasn’t been able to adapt very well to the new school… though she hasn’t really been able to adapt to anything ever. Four Leaf is a story about a bunch of dangerous magical girls, but most specially about one not-at-all-magical girl."

light, girl, and drawing image
gif and little witch academia image

39) Ghost Lights by fantakoi

https://tapas.io/series/Ghost-Lights - Slow Burn Romance, LGBT+, BL, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy

I hate all the cliche stories around and this is so far from that it makes me so happy - the art is gorgeous and really sets a lot of suspense.

"when Noah's dreams begin to overlap with reality he doesn't know what to think anymore. but then he and his best friend Robin get lured into a place of their past. slowly, they start remembering that they might have known each other for far longer than they thought, and that they weren't always human..."

animals, art, and blue image

40) Necahual by 2Heroes

https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/necahual/list?title_no=216820 - Fantasy, Action, Coming-of-Age?

Lush black and white art with colour used at the perfect moments ♥ Culturally ignorant me is going to say it all looks aztec-y... you'll get what I mean!

"Three young girls are chosen to protect their people, but are they ready for the challenges to come?"

architecture, aztec, and flowers image

41) The Devil is a Handsome Man by Hellothisisangle

https://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/the-devil-is-a-handsome-man/list?title_no=1311 - Romance, Mystery, All sorts of Relationships, Fantasy

The artstyle.. there is too much I could fan girl about, but I will say the aesthetic from the consistent colour scheme is mwah. If you're put off by the title and don't want a cliche sappy romance with a "bad boy" (Lucifer himself lmao) hang on! This comic deals with so much more than that - there are freaky underground dealings and complicated relationships and there is a lot more going on than romance (also Luci doesn't even have a face so far and I'm on the latest ch.67 so pshaw). I wouldn't call this NSFW but there is a bit of blood and topics like depression are touched on here and there so ya' warned.

"Xolia makes the deal with the devil in order to obtain her desires. But she soon finds that this deal is shrouded in more mystery than she could have imagined."

art, illustration, and pastel image
used this art because lots of the characters have such amazing designs like this one

42) Stutterhug by Samantha Davies

https://tapas.io/series/Stutterhug - Wholesomeness, Cuteness, Animals, Fluff, Healing from the Fluff

It's so amazing how many complicated emotions and situations this comic covers in individual little stories without any dialogue while being the cutest thing ever. Also, the sense of movement is wonderful, you feel like you're softly falling into bed watching some of the animals. I come back to go through these every now and again because they are genuinely healing and adorable.

"Silent comics containing many hugs and awkward looks."

adorable, animal, and animation image

43) Wait where the Shooting Star has Fallen by Man Mul Sang

http://mangahasu.se/wait-where-the-shooting-star-has-fallen-p39077.html - Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance, Adventure, Witches, Cats, Cute

Lovely lovely art and long chapters, the witches have cute ears and glowing eyes and there are cats that can turn into humans and that's a load of my favourite things so lessgo~

"The tale of a witch and a cat pursuing the whereabouts of a missing shooting star."

animal, anime, and art image cat, moon, and night image

44) Muted by Miranda Mundt

https://www.webtoons.com/en/supernatural/muted/list?title_no=1566 - Supernatural, Fantasy, Drama, GL, Coming of Age

Demons and magic encased in wonderful colours. Not a light-hearted comic, definitely a focus on the drama and family discourse, but still good stuff~

"On the full moon of her 21st year, the young witch, Camille Severin, is expected to perform the traditional ritual to summon forth a winged demon for her families success and prosperity. But when the ritual goes wrong, it reveals the terrifying truths about herself and the secrets that threaten to tear her family apart. "

fantasy, green, and watercolour image

45) Ava's Demon by Tinypaint

https://www.avasdemon.com/ - Sci-fi, Supernatural, Drama, Coming of Age

The art, the arrrrttttt ♥ Also a really wonderful portrayal of different emotions.

"Ava's Demon is about a girl named Ava and the demon haunting her. The demon, however, might just be the ghost of an alien queen, Wrathia, seeking revenge on the one that destroyed her empire, a god-like figure named Titan. The story follows Ava as she makes her way across the universe, teaming up with Wrathia on a quest for revenge while fighting her inner demons along the way."

demon, flowers, and girl image fantasy, fire, and girl image art, key, and colourful image angel, magic, and demon image

46) Stray Souls by Maf

https://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/stray-souls/list?title_no=2018 - Fantasy, Coming of Age, Drama

Really holds you captive and on the edge of your seat waiting for more secrets to be revealed~

"The strings that bind our souls can be used to control us...and others. While Eylin is not particularly good at string weaving, her unique soul structure does make her resistant to magical manipulation. Which, when you're the last person standing between the Amethyst King and his quest for ultimate power, is a very, very good thing..."

heart, art, and soul image Darkness, fantasy, and forest image

47) Seed by Said P.

https://www.webtoons.com/en/sf/seed/list?title_no=1480 - Sci-fi, Coming of Age, Drama

I won't lie it did take me a while to warm up to this story, but I'm hooked now! This story has many scenes of AI interacting with people and it gets so hard to tell if it's being manipulative and I love that, can an AI be "bad" and untrustworthy?

"Welcome to the future – where our world has become an exercise in contradictions. We are more connected than ever but alone. Healthier than ever but sick. Safer than ever but ultimately vulnerable. Seed is a story for these future times. Where the relationship between a girl and an AI system that begins simply, quickly complicates things for the entire world."

girl image

48) Beanie's Comics by ... Beanie lol

https://tapas.io/series/whatsupbeanie/info - Slice of Life, Funny, Wholesome, Cute

I'm not a big reader of small slice of life comics, but this one is just too cute and whomesome.

"Slice of life comics about dogs, childhood stories, social anxiety, relationships and more! My name is Beanie and this is a comic about my life."

animal, nature, and cute image

49) Unfamiliar by Haley Mewsome

https://tapas.io/series/unfamiliar/info - Fantasy, Wholesome, Witches

Their pupils change into different shapes depending on their emotions (skulls, stars, hearts) and that's not even a magical or witchy thing, that's just the artstyle! This comic gives you too many cinnamon roll witches you want to protect ack.

"Little witch Planchette is tired of living in the suburbs, so when she sees a great deal on a house in a magical town, she takes it! The only problem? It's full of ghosts! With the help of a shy siren, a cursed girl, and a pigeon witch, will she be able to exorcise her new home?"

anime, anime girl, and art image
flowers, Sunny, and hair image girl, magic, and mushrooms image

50) The Little Trashmaid by s0s2

https://tapas.io/series/The-Little-Trashmaid/info - Slice of Life, Comedy, Mermaid, Save the Planet pls

Wholesome, goofy strips, yet also sad because.. oh my gosh our ocean is full of plastic stress

"Short comic strips of a mermaid in modern days~"

mermaid image fish, ocean, and sea image

51) GhostBlade by WLOP

https://tapas.io/series/GhostBlade/info - Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Kingdoms, Princesses & Knights, Angels

I know I've complimented a lot of comics for their art, but the art of this comic tops them all because of how realistic it is - gorgeous. ♥

"Long, long ago in Neraland, the pious human built a great tower to show the respect to their goddess Nera.
Goddess Nera was deeply moved by human piety; to reward them, she opened a door at the top of the tower. This ethereal door connected to another world; it was known as—Heaven Eye.
However... "

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girl, beautiful, and jewellery image kingdom, ocean, and sea image
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Now if you got this far... wow
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If there are signs that people actually read this then I'll do manga recommendations too~ (Edit: my old laptop with all my manga on is a bit busted atm so there is a hold up sorry)

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