Dear Red Hair Boy,

First of all I love calling you Red Hair Boy and you know why: i do like your red hair. Last time I touched them it was during the summer holidays. I won't tell you «Sorry, but I don't remember when». I am at least honest.

The weather was perfect to meet someone with whom we discussed only via Internet. Clear sky and sun shining and the temperature was mild. I rang your door, and you opened it a few minutes after. I didn't have words. You were so... cute and perfect with this light.

After being impressed by your handsome person, I try to talk to you, but my English is very bad when I speak, or when i hear someone. You know it. I was afraid about the understanding so i hugged you. I smiled then you smiled. I'm so shy, and I didn't want to look at you in your beautiful brown eyes. So I closed mine.

Yes, I'm not crazy, I kissed you. This one wasn't my first, not yours, but ours, and we appreciated it like it was our first kiss to both of us. I was like in love with you, and to be honest I felt in love with you. I'm sorry.

I was already in love with you, and it was before the summer holidays. For the 100th times, I felt in love with the bad guy. Okay, I told you were a good person, but I'm sorry you're not. When I told you this sentence we say to the person we love, you told me this sentence back. After a few days you went to see another girl, and you dated her. She became your girlfriend for one week and you didn't talk to me during this week. I was feeling so sad and lonely. After this ex girlfriend, you came back and you said sorry. You were so cute, and you looked honest. So I forgave you, but you did it again one month later. This time was one month. One entiere month to think about you, and suffer about what you did again. And obviously, you came back again. Now I don't have any news of you. I'm worrying about you.

You told me that while you were with your ex-girlfriend, from Augustus, she was not there for you when you were depressed. I know what's being depressed is. Even after what you did, I will be always be there for you. Even if you're a bad or a good guy. I will.

After all those words I think I'm still in love with you. I'm sorry.

I'm waiting your comeback Red Hair Boy.