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While Raine, Wesley, and Aria were on their boat trip, we caused a shipwreck and made sure they died. Somehow Aria survived. Her dragon self made it to shore safely. Who knows what'll happen to her now. Who cares. We did our job. Wesley may look strong, but he died quickly. Raine was tougher to go. She really didn't want to. With the help of Blue, she was gone.

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We were back at the mansion hanging out. It's Cora's birthday today. "Ophelia baked Cora a cake. Come take a look," Hayden told me. I don't like Hayden. I figure the best way to hurt her is to bang her boyfriend. I see him eyeing me whenever we're around each other, so I know that won't be difficult. I followed Hayden into the kitchen. The cake was laid out on the kitchen table.

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I laughed and shook my head. "She'll love it," I said. "I thought so," Ophelia replied, putting a candle above "happy birthday". I turned my gaze to Hayden. She was texting on her phone. Probably Derek. I wonder if he's coming over. I know if I ask, she'll be suspicious, so I don't want to bring it up. I'll just have to wait and see.