electric feeling playlist: https://spoti.fi/2PDg2lr

i owe you nothing - seinado sey
paris - sabrina carpenter
low - sita
spaghetti - cj run, danielle elvira

Temporarily removed green, aesthetic, and building image aesthetic and tree image Temporarily removed

mood - carlie hanson
party for one - carly rae jepsen
BAGDAD - rosalía
bad time - sabrina carpenter

art, blurry, and cosmetics image blue, pale, and tumblr image jellyfish, blue, and ocean image blue, aesthetic, and vaporwave image

lost in japan - shawn mendes
a punto - amigos raros ft delfina campos
don't kill my vibe - sigrid
baby - cleand bandit ft marina and luis fonsi

face image art, love, and couple image model, boys, and men image rainbow image

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