hot dog or pizza 🍕

food and pizza image pizza, beach, and food image
definitely pizza!

jeans or dress

shoes, boots, and dr martens image aesthetics, casual, and cool image

cats or dogs

omg I love both! but in my flat I would prefer a cat because of the little space - a cat would be happier I guess 🐱

Image removed Image removed

space travel or time travel

quotes, kiss, and music image froy image
time travel

rainy days or stormy nights

alternative, clouds, and cloudy image blue, cars, and cloudes image
stormy nights

swim in the sea or gaze at the stars

stars, moon, and quotes image Temporarily removed
gaze at the stars ✨

movie theatre or arcade

Temporarily removed couple, grunge, and car image
(movie) theatre

moonlight or candlelight

autumn, book, and cozy image light, night, and jar image

early bird or night owl

sometimes I just wish to be an early bird - because I'm doing my stuff for university often in the evening/ at night lol

Image removed aesthetic, beautiful, and clouds image
early bird

coffee or tea

Image removed christmas, coffee, and winter image

books or movies

coffee, autumn, and book image Image removed

I'm a literature student, so...

Hope you liked my article! xx

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