Lately, I've been thinking about one thing. Am I really happy? Or I just want to look happy in front of my friends and people around me? I have everything I could ever think of. Amazing family, that supports me, beautiful and kind boyfriend, good grades and few really good friends, that I adore. But I'm missing something and I don't really know what. It kinda seems like, that everything is so perfect that I need some imperfections in my life. If that makes any sense, probably not.
I would like to hear ur opinions on that, If anyone feels the same. Maybe it's just fall depression or maybe I'm just not actually happy. I'm going on a walk with my boyfriend tomorrow and I'm pretty excited, I haven't seen him for only two days and It feels horrible. So maybe is my unhappiness somewhat connected to the fact that I'm in love a bit too much. Idk guys.
I wish you the best, bye.