Hello girls!

Are you a fashion addict? Do you want to be like other instagram models? Well You have to start somewhere! And I guarantee that is easier than it seems. At the end I will link you some pages that are searching for ambassadors/models!

☞ Find the right page

Some pages in instagram are fake so watch out! Don't make you fool by the number of followers, they buy them! Watch the likes and the comments, if they are as much as the followers then the page is real. I reccomend you to read the comments, so you can tell if the clothes are of quality or not!

☞ Watch the site

Check their site, see what it offers, and if it is convenient for you ( for example, I'm from italy so I serch for pages with free worldwide shipping)

☞Make your first purchase

You should buy 2 or 3 items so you can take some photos!

☞ Take your photos

Take some artistic photos and don't forget to tag the page!
There is some inspiration

girl, fashion, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image Temporarily removed classy, coffee, and girly image
☞Dm the page

Write to the page via direct and tell them you want to become an ambassador/model and tell them to check your instagram

☞Choose your discount code

Usually the ambasadors choose their names (like LUCY20)

☞Took some other photos

And put you discount code so others can use it, you will get a part of the money now! (like the 20-30% of the purchase)

And that's it! You are now an ambassador!

Pages that want ambassadors

For your firts purchase you can use this discount code: DESIRE20

autumn, desire, and hair image autumn, brown, and earrings image
Those two are from Ohdesire.com (Free worldwide shipping)

You can use this discount code: FASHION10

Start now before others take your place!!!
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Good luck, see you in next article!

If you have questions send me a message on my Instagram!