I prefer nude makeup when leaving the house in daytime.

Because of my sensitive skin I have to be careful in choosing the right makeup.

Clinique Hydrating Jelly

perfect makeup foundation - love it!

clinique hydrating jelly image clinique hydrating jelly image
pic: YourBeauty.ie // pic: Harrods.com

- I love this jelly because of it's oil-free formula - so it's non-greasy

- It also protects your skin from pollution, which can be very helpful if you're living in a big city as I do.

Clinique anti blemish solution makeup

I use it for my reddened skin

makeup image makeup image
pic: Fragrances & Cosmetics Co // pic: shanylou.co.uk

- It provides natural looking coverage - you get a natural look when using this make up

- Also fighting blemishes (!)

Bobbi Brown Highlighter

treats skin to a shimmering glow

bobbi brown highlighter image bobbi brown highlighter image
pic: lookfantastic.com //pic: makeupcheckbydivya.blogspot.com

- You can highlight the high points of the face such as the cheekbones, brown bones or cupids bow. love it!

Mac Lipsticks matte

When wearing a lipstick on daytime I prefer a matte one.

Image removed Image removed
pic: weheartit.com

The colour is up to you! :) ๐Ÿ’„

I hope you like my article about my fav products.
I use these products every day (when leaving my flat haha) - except the lipstick.

I think it's really important to choose skincare products, which are gentle to the skin (regarding the fluid makeup & the foundation)

I think wearing no makeup would be the best for my skin - but when I wear makeup it shouldn't be too harmful at least.

Have a nice day! xx