Hey everyone! As some of you know, I joined WHI a year ago, on Halloween 2017, and I’ve absolutely loved being a part of this website. As I’ve been on for over a year, I know that I’m fully committed to my blog here. Recently, I’ve been wanting to stretch my account a bit more, and do something other than just blog. And now I’ve found something absolutely perfect; #TheSparkleTeam.

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Really, this collab couldn’t have come to my attention at a better time. Yes, I have exams. Yes, I have basic problems. And yes, WHI isn’t my whole life. I can’t spend days and days just writing articles, but I am absolutely passionate about blogging, and I’m proud of what I’ve produced. That’s why I think I could be a fun, interesting member of The Sparkle Team. If you are interested in being a part of this team, you can read the article about it here:

You can also follow the official Sparkle Team account here, and the amazing girl who created this collab, Mimi:

So, as usual, I’ve made this introduction extremely long, so now I’ll get started with some facts about me!

1. I have lots of hobbies, like gymnastics, photography and writing, but my main one is dance. Dancing is all I want to do, and is something which gives me a truly happy tingle inside!

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2. I am a very bubbly and hyper person! You can almost always guarantee I’ll be laughing, and I’ll definitely be the last one to fall asleep at a sleepover.

3. I suffer from anxiety, but I try not to let it affect me. Something that really helped me, was blogging about my anxiety, and I’ve managed to really control it this year!

4. My page here is anonymous, as I want WHI to be a place where I can truly be myself, and not be judged, so I dont give away much personal information. However, this doesn't mean I dont love to talk to people here-I’m a complete chatterbox!

5. Chocolate. I am an absolute chocolate addict, and have a very sweet tooth!

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6. I live in the UK, and travel a lot, partly because my parents absolutely love visiting new places.

7. My favourite countries that I have visited are Mexico and Australia.

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8. My favourite season is Autumn. My birthdays in October (the 8th), the weather becomes colder, candy apples pop up everywhere...everything is just magical!

9. My favourite Disney Princess is Rapunzel! I love everything about her.

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10. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, despite the fact I think no ones perfect! Slightly ironic, haha.

So thank you for reading! I hope you guys all enjoyed this article, and maybe consider joining The Sparkle Team!

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