Today's article is going to be about dealing with deadlines and the stress it brings. I have so much deadlines the upcoming 2 weeks that I get stress just by thinking about it. So I hope this article will help you as much as those tips helped me!

Get up 15 minutes earlier

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This makes honestly so much difference! Those extra 15 minutes is enough for me to do a little more research for my essays in the morning, or just to do a mask before school to make me feel relaxed.

Say no

I usually have about 2 or 3 nights in a week where I go hang out with friends or go to a church meeting. I try to limit is as much as possible during those weeks. I only go to a church meeting but that is about it. I really need all the time that I get and if I go out a few nights in a week I feel very stressed.

Prepare the night before

I plan my outfits, pack my bag, fill my water bottle and set my alarms all before I jump into bed. It makes me more relaxed knowing that everything is ready for the next day.

Make little tasks from one big task

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If I write on my planner that in one week I need to write an essay of 10 pages I get really stressed. So the first thing I do is write down exaclty what needs to be done and I break it all down an spread it over the days. Because writing only 2 pages a day sounds sooo much easier.

Buy a planner

Or if you already have one, use it!!! I plan everything, I'm not joking. But it really works for me to clear my head an if I look over the planner I know exaclty what I need to do.


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I organise my stuff before I work on my tasks. I put my schoolpapers in a binder, plan some new things of that day, and I just make sure there is no mess. Because let's be honest, it is really distracting.

Put down your phone

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Really, put down your phone! I set a timer for let's say 2 hours and those 2 hours I don't look at my phone but I just work. And when I feel like I need a break I will read a book or grab something to eat. But I do not touch my phone. Because those weeks with all those deadlines my friends text met about the essays or people are stressing because of all the loads of work and then I also feel stressed, so I try to avoid that the best I can.

Talk with family or friends

It all can be a little overwhelming so when I feel like it is to much I will mostly drink a cup of tea with my mum or go to my grandparents and just enjoy a few hours of being with them.

Take a bath

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There is nothing more relaxing then laying in bad and knowing you worked your ass off that night!