Name: Anna Emilia Santria

Birthdate: 13.06.02

Family: Dad (warlock) and little brother.

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Mother (Witch) died three years ago and Anna really misses her.
Dad is alive but he and Anna have a really bad relationship because when Annas mom died her dad closed himself out of her and her little brothers lives and Anna is still bitter about it.
Annas little brother Maxon is six years old and very importan to her


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Troblemaker, but has a heart of gold.


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Annas dads feels quilty about how he acted after Annas mother died and tries to fix things with money.


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Annas mother teached her how to play piano and she has always loved singing.


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Annas familiar is named Evelyn and she is very smart and protective about Anna


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Annas bestfriends are Prudence and Sabrina

Anna and Nicolas:

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Anna and Nicolas are in a very complicated relationship. They both like eachother but Anna is not ready to commit to anything and she has trust issues.

This was my first article i have ever made and english is not my first language so there may be some mistakes.