Hello hearters! :)
I hope you are doing well. So, usually I'm not very active on here but when I am I get inspired to talk about Wicca and Witchcraft.
Well, I don't really talk about these stuff as in my country and my main religion are "bad". I'm Christian but I've always loved Wicca. I've been drown to the folklore about magickal/mythycal creatures around the world the past 5 years. I've even bought books about it.

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I recently found out that I was very involved to faery (fairy) Wicca. I still am but I want to explore more. So the first thing I did was searching a lot on the Net,as you can tell I didn't know about the existence of Wicca. I bought a book of Scott Cunningham,too. It is very helpful and informative. Now, I'm very interested on crystals.
I have uploaded a article about crystals on here.

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I adore Wicca and Witchcraft. Unfortunately I haven't been able to cast a spell,or try to practise Witchcraft yet, but I'm planning to. Wicca is my escape.

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I always try to have some time to find more about it,or to read my book,there is so much to learn! Well,to be honest this it the year I'm really trying to get into this religion/faith and I can't stop thinking about all the beautiful and interesting things I'm learning. Thankfully my friend likes Wicca too, so I have someone to talk about it. Every time I read about Wicca it's like I'm in an unknown world that isn't for everyone.Wicca and Witchcraft are for specific people who can handle its beliefs. That's my thought.

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It would be so nice to talk about this topic freely!
Thanks for reading,I hope you have a great day/night,