Sometimes things that are out of our control tend to get to us.
Whether you have gotten a C on your test, got fired, got coffee spilled on you and missed you school bus having to walk in the rain for a mile, whether your crush just asked someone else to prom, your nail broke, your friend moved to Uganda or your favorite character just died, buckle up, because this article is for all of us poor unfortunate souls.
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Disclaimer this is a bad day article, not a depression one. If you feel constantly drained and like your life is pointless I advise you go seek professional help
DON'T Force Yourself
One advice I can give you just off the bat is don't force yourself to do work! Please, take it easy on yourself, this one day will not change the rest of your life. However, if you keep pushing your feelings away and force yourself to do more work you will eventually end up draining yourself which will lead to a mental breakdown. Believe me, I've been there and it's far worse than taking this one day off. For one mental stress can drain your immune system and cause you to fall sick, meaning you'll have far more unproductive days. So now that we've got that out of the way, here are some of my favorite tips for dealing with a bad day.
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♤ Find Something To Be Grateful For
For every negative there is a positive, and I know you might feel like cursing the universe for everything that has just gone wrong, but there are always little things that you can appreciate, no matter how hard it is.
Today I was in a perfectly amazing mood until my friend shared some problems that he has been going through with me, seeing him like that devastated me. Nevertheless, I can still think about a few positives, the holiday season is coming soon and it's going to be Christmas, new year, holiday spirit and festive movies season. I will get to decorate my house and read many books over the break. I also got to talk with my crush and one of my old friends.
If you can not seem to find anything positive then here's a little trick: think about what you can not live without and appreciate it.
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♤ Have a Go to Playlist, Youtuber, Movie
Whnever I'm having a bad day I usually consult my "when having a bad day" Playlist on youtube which is full uplifting videos and YouTubers who I know always put me in an amazing mood.
In my playlist I have Shane Dawson because dad never fails to make me smile, My Life As Ava because she is insanely quirky and positive and just an average girl going through life along with us. I also have Ask Kimberly because her bubbly personality never fails to remind me who I actually am, I have superwoman because queen and Leoralexandra to remind me of what really matters.
So make a similar playlist for yourself with videos that always cheer you up.
You can also have a go-to movie that always lifts you up. I actually have a whole list of movies that make me feel like anything is possible (however the list is teen edition)
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♤ Take a Bath, Put on a Facemask, Treat Yourself
Take care of yourself, pamper yourself so you can feel like a queen you are. We tend to forget our self-worth, however, when we take care of ourselves we feel more valuable and loved, so don't forget to do it. Try it, just trust me.
Personally I don't know what's so magical about cleaning my face but it never fails to make me feel better. Once I wipe off all the makeup, wash my face and put on a facemask, I just feel like I've washed off all the negativity and all the dirt of the day.
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♤ Do Something You Feel Passionate About
For me there is nothing like flushing out your emotions then taking that stormy ball in your hands and forming it into a beautiful masterpiece. I love to turn my pain into art, so I usually resort to creating paintings, writing, creating decorations or cuddling up with a good book. I feel so passionate about books, I can talk about them all day and there will still be thousands of things for me left to say.
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♤ Clean
You'd be surprised how therapeutic it can be and a bonus point, it is productive. Cleaning makes you feel as if you're literally taking all that negative energy and throwing it away.
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♤ Meditate
It helps to ground yourself, drink some water, calm down, open a window let fresh air in and just meditate.
I love to do guided meditations where I focus on my dream life.
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♤ Write it down, Burn!
Writing your feelings down helps you let them out, and then burning the paper will make you feel like you've destroyed whatever has been bothering you.
♤ We♡It
We♡It has many amazing uplifting quotes, articles, and other content. I for one always feel much more positive and inspired when I go on We♡It. Make a dream board collection, go read inspiring quotes, self-help articles, and see many beautiful photographs that may spark your inspiration.
You can check out my quotes collection if you wish to:
♤ Lastly... Don't Forget Who You Truly Are
Never forget who you are and what you're fighting for. Think about your goals, why you started in the first place, and who are you as a person. Look through old photos and videos, read old messages from your friends on your birthday.
I am someone who never gives up. I am a believer and I believe that I can, and I believe that it's never too late. That is just who I am. Remembering that helps me find my purpose again and usually pulls me out of the slump.
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I hope this helped, sorry for being gone for so long I have just defeated my depression. I will be back on my posting schedule (posting every week). Hope this article helped you ♡♡♡ - So (lo)n(g) and go(o)d night -Angelinp(u)rga(t)ory