hi! here are some random questions and answers about myself, enjoy!

What's your eye color?

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my eyes are green/blueish but from faraway they look green

What's your hair color?

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i have brown hair and it's about this length

What is your favorite body part?

black woman, curves, and curvy image
i like how i have curves. i'm not that skinny but i'm also not a big girl. i don't have a specific body part that's my favorite, i overall like my body.

Who are your favorite singers?

beauty, black and white, and hair image selena gomez, selena, and black and white image f(x), luna, and kpop image alternative, finnish, and grunge image
lady gaga, selena gomez, luna and vesta

What's your favorite color?

luxury, pink, and house image sky, purple, and rainbow image
pink and purple

What's your favorite food?

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sushi and chinese food

What's your favorite movie?

quote, movie, and 27 dresses image quotes, black swan, and movie image The Breakfast Club, quotes, and movie image love, rain, and couple image
27 dresses, black swan, the breakfast club, high school musical 3

What's your favorite series?

funny, how i met your mother, and mood image Image by ɴᴀɪɪ asian, chinese, and couple image couple, meteor, and dong shancai image
how i met your mother and meteor garden

What languages can you speak?

finnish, Lyrics, and sanat image swedish, quotes, and text image deutsch, german, and liebe image korean, words, and 言葉 image
finnish, english, german, swedish and korean

Who's your favorite youtuber?

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emma chamberlain

What's your favorite sad song?

billie eilish, red, and sad image
billie eilish - when the party's over

What's your favorite subject in school?

aesthetic, glitter, and music image book, coffee, and autumn image
music and english

thanks for reading!