"Magda!," I heard Cole shout from outside. I walked outside to see what was going on. He pointed at the ledge outside near the house. I looked up to see our protectors enjoying the sun together. "Oh my goodness," I said. Cole turned to me and smiled. "They're soulmates like us," he said, kissing me softly.

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Coco + Smokey

It's so great permanently having Cole back home. I don't know how Matilda loves being a single mother. I couldn't handle it. "They sure are," I replied. "What are our girls up to?" he asked.

Image by Mouna DramaQueen baby image
Devon (left) Suri (right)

"Devon just finished playing dress up and is now enjoying fruit juice with Emerson next to the stoop. And Suri is napping in our bed," I explained.

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Devon (left) + Emerson (right)

"I'll go check on Dev and Emmy. Make sure Suri is alright," Cole said. I nodded and grabbed his arm before he could walk away. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. To be able to kiss him whenever I want will always be a privilege I'll appreciate most.