I just finished changing Rhett's diaper when I heard the doorbell ring. The UPS guy was getting back into his truck. Hm...a package. I picked it up and brought it inside. I opened it and a note fell out. The post-it read: saw these and had to get them for baby Rhett. love, Aunt Matilda

baby aspen, socks and legwarmers, and socks & tights image

I laughed to myself. Matilda loves sending gifts. ~ thank you matilda ~ I sent her a thought. "Tatum!," I called out. She was going to find these adorable. She walked in with a baby in each arm. I held up the socks. "Awww," she said. "From Matilda," I explained. "She's so sweet. Let's put a pair on him," she suggested. I took Kinsley from her. "Go ahead. You'll have more fun," I said.

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I kissed Kinsley's cheeks and then started tickling her. She loved being tickled.

Tatum put a pair of blue socks on Rhett. They were the color of his eyes. I should mention he refuses to keep his clothes on recently. So we have a baby wearing socks and a diaper crawling all over the place.

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Tatum took a picture and texted it to Matilda. I couldn't help but laugh.