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'Fashion is art and you are the canvas.'
– Velvet Paper
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With winter approaching as autumn comes to an end, it's the time where you're looking to dress fashionable yet warm. In this article, I've listed my top 5 winter wardrobe items that are essential for creating an outfit for the festive season.

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With the cold weather outside, you have to find the right coat that'll keep you warm without ruining your outfit. My favorite coat to wear in the winter is midi coats instead of giant puffs jackets.
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A midi coat gives your outfit a more sophisticated and casual look. Pick one of the classic colors (beige, black, navy, grey). You can also wear a belt over the coat to turn it into a blazer dress.
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In the winter I love chunky knit jumpers as you don't need to wear a coat over it indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.
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A knit jumper is also perfect for layering which is one of my favorite styling techniques in the autumn and winter. You can layer a shirt under the sweater and a coat with a cozy scarf.


A classic turtleneck is always in style no matter the season. It's also great for layering and is a wardrobe basic/ essential. It keeps you warm and is less of a loose chunky fit.
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Having a scarf in the winter - many scarves is a must have as it is a simple yet effective styling accessory that will keep you comfortable and warm.
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There are so many ways to style a scarf and they there are many different materials (knit, cotton) and patterns so you're bound to find a scarf you like. Scarfs with a basic color palette is a lot easier to style than a statement scarf with bold patterns.


Ankle boots go with anything, dress, jeans, skirt, leggings etc. They're comfortable and also gives you a boost in height.
Whether the material is leather, velvet or suede it's a stylish swap out for a normal pair of pumps or trainers. You can dress them up or down and there is a load of styles of ankle boots.
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Those are my 5 winter fashion basics.

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