Hi lovelies!
Here's me again with another "if I were" article, I hope you like it; I've decided to make this one based on how my dream-boy would be.
Let's start!


hi, James


he's eighteen


boy, tumblr, and handsome image Image removed
they are big and dark, with long lashes


icon image boy and tumblr image
they are black, wavy and good to play with


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he's quite tall with toned shoulders, beautiful hands, a "soft" face (I mean, not a chiseled jaw) and sweet lips


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he's a sarcastic boy, with good sense of humor and absolutely independent, but he's also very protective, caring and loyal


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he's good at taking photos, he also love to watch movies and tv series and to read, he's able to play guitar or the piano and he's a good dancer


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he lives for cats, he likes food, walking out somewhere, cuddling during a rainy day, kissing, listening to music, jocking, playing videogames and living some adventures, maybe travelling


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he can't stand stupid people, such as homophobic and racist and he also doesn't like heat, being in the spotlight, fights, smoking and be distant from the one he loves


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pretty casual, consists mainly in sweatpants, black jeans, hoodies and tshirts (which fits him very well)