Monday Moods In Motion

Happy Monday lovelies!

What a better way to start the week than with beautiful and meaningful illustrated motions and feelings?

So, I came across a beautiful account of animated illustrations/gifs on Tumblr. The creator of the artwork and owner of the account is Lifedreamerphantasai

Here are some of those beauties...

Enjoy and be happy!

animation, beautiful, and depression image
Today will be a good day...
beautiful, community, and emotions image
You have to love yourself, to be able to love others
beautiful, bonito, and empowerment image
We have both light and dark...
aesthetic, beautiful, and being image
It doesn't hurt anymore
arte, beautiful, and bonito image
Please, Let's
aesthetics, beautiful, and beautiful words image
All I want is to be LOVED

There are so many more. So, take a look at this artist. Lifedreamerphantasai on Tumblr.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful art. Thank you for stopping by

~ Clairel Estevez

Clairel Estevez
Clairel Estevez

These gifs are from Motion collection

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