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Today i'm doing #TheRandomQuestionsChallenge.I was tagged by my friend and creator of this challenge,@paulien_99.

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1. What's your zodiac sign?

My zodiac sign is Capricorn so i'm responsible,self-controlled and loyal.

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2. Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?

I aspire to travel to many places but Paris,London and Hawaii are on the top of my travel bucket list.

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3.Which celebrity do you look up to?

Well,as i mostly keep an eye on the lives of my favorite singers,i would probably say Taylor Swift. I admire the amount of confidence and self respect she has and how she doesn't allow dramatical situations to drag her down. Her humbleness and her strong passion for what she's doing are also things i admire about her.

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4. What's your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate is one for them for sure!

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5. Are you a mountain or sea person?

I'm definitely a sea person! As you probably know summer is my favorite season and one of the reasons is the sea.I love swimming and feeling the water and i think it would be hard for me to live in a place that i would not be able to stare at the ocean.

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6. Which song always cheers you up?

There's not one song that always cheers me up or i haven't found it yet. Everytime i feel down,i listen to a different song to lift my mood. It depends on what i feel like listening to at that moment.Generally, i think that dance songs cheer me up because of their intense beat.

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7. What's your favorite thing to do when you're alone?

Singing,dancing,reading mystery books and sometimes writing poems.

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8. What's one bad habit you want to get rid of?

Procrastinating and overthinking.

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9. If you could choose one element for bending,what would it be?

Obviously it would be water!As i mentioned and above i love the feeling of touching it and even though Capricorn is not a water sign (lol),i feel naturally connected with it.

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10. What is the one thing you can't live without?

MUSIC!!I can't survive one day without listening to some of my favorite songs haha

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11. What's your favorite sad song?

I would say ''Youth'' by Shawn Mendes and Khalid.It's the first song that actually made me cry.

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12. Which app are you addicted to?

We Heart It is the one i use the most!

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13. Are you a morning or an evening person?

I'm an evening person. I can concentrate much more easily on whatever i'm doing at night,when everything is quiet. So i usually use this blissful silence to study,read a book or listen to music.

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14. What's one thing you hate?

Fake love,fake friends and fake people generally. I can't understand how some people can hurt someone's feelings so easily. I was actually writing an article on this topic but i don't think i'm going to post it. It's just so painful for me.

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15. If you could switch your life with someone for one day,who would it be?

I have never really thought of that before but it would possibly be a famous singer like Taylor Swift. I'm just curious to see how it feels to accept so much love from people,to be popular and of course to sing on stage!

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16. What's your favorite color?

I'll let the pictures speak here!

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17. What's a random interest or passion of yours?

Linguistics as i love finding the etymology of words. Also i love learning new languages.Currently i'm learning Spanish!

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18. Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

Sunsets. I adore these colors!

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19. What is one thing you love about yourself?

The fact that i'm really honest and loyal.Lies is not my thing and i'm not the kind of person that will bad-mouth someone behind his back.Also another thing i love about myself is my loyalty towards whoever i have a close relationship with.Faking behaviors and betraying people is just not in my blood.

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20. If you could ask your future self one question,what would it be?

''Are you happy?'',''Are you satisfied with yourself?'', ''Have you accomplished some of your goals?''

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