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I built our second home. Faith adores it. I do, too. Life hasn't been too hectic recently.

Matilda told us that Dixie is a healer. I'm not sure what's in store for her, but I have her back no matter what.

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I love my family. I'm grateful everyday for them. Cora has been at bay which is nice, but who knows when she'll show up again or what she'll do this time.

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Faith + Dixie

We're having a pajama party today with movies and popcorn. I took Dixie out earlier for a walk in the woods. She loves the trees and the sound leaves make when she crunches on them with her shoes. Curling up with my girls sounds like the perfect Sunday to me.

Oh, and a fun fact - Matilda's best friend Sydney is dating a doctor who works in the same hospital as Faith's dad. We're planning a trip to visit their town in the next few months.