Hey everybody!
How was your day today? Mine was pretty awesome, I got 2 A-s today. One for an English Vocab Test and one for Biology. I had a rough day today, because of the amount of lessons which was due today.

Sooo. The 5th day of the Writing Challenge.

Write five facts about yourself

bangs and hair image Image by passidina
1: I have long kind of curly brown hair,with bangs.
school and aesthetic image coffee, study, and motivation image
2: I'm a pretty good student. My GPA is around 4.7... But I want to do it better this year, and maybe became a 4.8 student.
cat, animal, and funny image cut, cuts, and two image
3: I have two cats. One of them is a black and white old lady and the other one is a little guy, who I adore so so much.
best friends, besties, and bff image friends image
4: I have two girl bestfriends.They are all very smart and positive and out-going like me most of the time.
french, adventure, and france image Temporarily removed
5: I started to study French in High School only 2 years ago,and I pretty much enjoy learning it.

That was all for today.I hope you all enjoyed it.
Have an amazing afternoon/night.
Kisses and Bye,