Timothee doesn't smile. He never giggles or seems like he's enjoying his childhood. I guess that's the darkness in him. I'm slightly worried to have him interact with other kids. I'm not sure how he's going to behave.

I was more tired than usual this morning. I was laying in bed with my eyes closed when I felt a gentle pull on my blanket. I looked over the edge of my bed and Monroe was pulling herself onto my bed by the comforter. I couldn't help but laugh. She was all smiles. "Good morning," I said, picking her up and putting her onto the bed with me.

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She laid her head on my lap and we had a morning bond. I kissed her between the eyes. She's making me a softie. I was humming a soft lullaby when Timothee appeared in my doorway. He was grown. I mean, he was about 15. And those dark circles under his eyes will only get worse as he ages.

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"Do I have to go to school today, mom?" he asked. I was trying to adjust to him having a growth spurt over night. Monroe heard his voice and crawled to the edge of my bed. She wanted her brother's attention. He walked in and picked her up. "Not today. I will sign you up and pay your tuition. You'll probably be there by next week. Would you like to dorm?" I asked. "Yeah....will Monroe be old like me soon?" he questioned. "I hope so, sweetie," I replied. "She's the only person I like," he told me, kissing her on the nose. I smiled. "You were born with a best friend," I said.