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At my adhd group last week we got some tips for procrastination, so I decided to be an angel and share it with the world. And just get everything I think could help me in one place.
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Some struggles you might have and their tips:

Task is too big

Split the task into smaller tasks.

  • It helps if you make the tasks as small as you can and then write them down on a to-do list. Just start with the easy things and before you know it the task will be so much easier, smaller and do-able. It's also so satisfying to stripe of things on an actual list.

Unrealistic goal

  • Make your goal SMART this way you can get a more realistic view of your goal.

Specific: what, why, who, where and how?
Measurable: how much for the goal to be achieved? And is this measurable.
Attainable: Is it really attainable, or how can it be made attainable?
Timely: What is the deadline and what is the schedule?

(sorry if this explanation is a bit vague, I've learned it in dutch not English)


  • Never forget that it's always better to do something than nothing.

And if that isn't enough to get you started, make a "G-schema" (in dutch). This is to make helping thoughts.
You write down your thoughts about it (those that are whitholding you from doing something) and then make other thoughts to contradict those obstructing thoughts.

Difficulty starting

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  • Make a time estimation. This way you'll know how much time things will take and when the deadlines are. It will also help to make intermediate deadlines with consequences (get a friend to check up on you on the deadlines to make sure you actually do it).

Also using the first tip can help with getting started (making smaller tasks and a to-do list and just start on the easiest tasks.)

Uninteresting tasks

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  • If it is a recurring task, try to make it into a routine (just like brushing your teeth).
  • Reward yourself the moment you've completed the task.
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Fear of failure

  • Use the tip from perfectionism (g-schema).
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Enough time

  • Check if this is really true. And if it is make a time schedule for when you do what part of the task, so you won't have to stress about it later and come in time pressure. In the end if you have to do it eventually you might as well do it now.

More fun things to do

  • Remind yourself how much more you'll be able to enjoy these things (going out with friends, gaming, etc.) when you're done with the things you actually have to get done. Then you won't have this stress in the back of your head.
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other tips

  • Set a timer for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break and start again, repeat for 4 times. It's easier to keep working this way because it won't seem infinite anymore. After the forth time give yourself a bigger reward (maybe you really wanted to play this game or eat this certain food, or take some 'me-time', put on a face mask).

I recommend the app forest, this way you can set a timer and if you go out of the app (you can close your screen tho) you'll have a dead plant in your garden instead of a life one.
Or just use a kitchen timer.

  • Use your commute!

Read a book for school, or maybe just a book you want to read.
Catch up on your mail.
File your nails.
listen to a podcast.
Catch up on shows.

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  • Don't sleep the day away

It will also get easier to get up if you always get up on the same time.

  • Plan the week ahead

Check on Sundays what deadlines are coming and make to-do lists for the week. Also plan in 'work' time.

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  • Shut off your electronics so you won't have any distractions.
  • Clean your work space.
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  • Stop waiting for the 'perfect time' to come.

There's never a perfect time. Create a good enough time in which you can do it now.

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  • Surround yourself with the right people
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It can help to study with someone, if you're both want to get something done. This can help inspire and motivate you. This really depends on the person tho, maybe this will help you but it could also make you procrastinate even more.

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  • Create a soft and hard deadline.

Hard deadline off course being when it has to be done. The soft deadline being when you would like to have it done. Try to stick to the soft deadline tho to avoid time stress.

  • Remember what you're doing it for.
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