Hello! Candy canes, snow, sweaters, snow globes, and fashion. Who's ready for winter? Yesterday was daylight's saving and since we went back an hour it already makes it feel like Winter. I am here writing this article because I woke up at the wrong time because of daylights saving. Oops. This article is about two of my favorite things: Fashion & Winter. This cookbook will be mostly items I actually have or want and at the end I will also list my favorite places to grab winter clothes.

Look One

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One of my go-to's. Jeans and sweaters are my favorite. I have a pink sweater that looks just like the blue one and a white one that looks like the white ones. I got them both from Zara and they are so comfy.

Look Two

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High heels, hooped earrings, and a nice coat can never go wrong. It gives off this huge girl boss vibe too me.

Look Three

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I adore knee high boots with sweater dresses. Add overalls or a belt to pull of the look.

Look Four

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Those are the coats that you can absolutely rock in Winter.

Look Five

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Animal print is coming back and going to be a hit.

My favorite places to go for Fall/Winter clothes are Zara, H&M, American Eagle, Abercrombie/Abercrombie & Fitch, and Nordstroms.

Hope you liked it. Check out my articles:

, xoxo Katherine