I think we all know the struggle. We spend way too much time on our phones and it's really unhealthy.
Here are a few tips on how to spend less time on your phone.
Hope you enjoy x

1. Disable notifications

As soon as our phone makes a sound, we immediately pick it up. So set your phone on silence and turn off your notifications.

2. Delete unnecessary apps

You should delete everything, that is not important, here. Very often, you don't even need most of your apps.

3. Get a supportive app

There are apps, you can download, which are showing you, how much time you spend on your phone and let me tell you: the results are shocking!
You can set a limit of the time you want to spend on your phone and use one of these apps to check the time you've already spend.

If you have an apple iphone and the new IOS update, you already have something called "screen time" in your settings, it's the same as these apps.

4. Leave your phone at home

Just leave your phone at home, if you're going somewhere not far away. You don't always need it in your pocket.

5. Try to find an alternative

Read a book, meet up with friends, learn for school, do your homework, read a magazine or just watch the people around you.

6. Use other devices

If you have to look up for something, use your laptop/computer or go to a library.
And if you need to call someone, use your telephone.

As you can see, there are a lot of tips on how to use your phone less. It's just really important to not be addicted to your phone.
If you use your phone less you will:

1. be less stressed
2. be more productive
3. improve your realtionships

Of course, it's really hard to avoid your phone these days but you should at least try to use it less often.

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