I love you even if we're not still together. Yes, that is how much I love you to the point I let myself looks pathetic. I just only want to treasure our happy memories and not remember those days and nights I feel so empty because you made me feel I'm not worth it. Yes, you're making me feel like I am nobody through your actions, words and as I can feel it. It's just so sad that I gave everything to you but you can't appreciate anything I do, I think even loving you, you can't even aprreciate that. Everytime I feel like I am not worth it, I really want to sleep and not to wake up because I know the morning I wake up, I will feel the emptiness again. I think I am the only one that creates the sparks between us. I am the only one that thinks our relationship is working and everything is fine. You don't know how I really want to die.