a self introduction of a psycho
and an angel molded in one

I don't know if anyone is even interested or if anyone is even gonna read this, but here it goes:

  • People don't approach me that much because I'm said to have an inapproachable aura - ish surrounding all over me. I hate it, but I somehow love it at the same time because I tend to become surrounded with more real and genuine people or maybe I'm missing out (?).
  • I have an anxiety for posting in social media, where in I'm really exposing myself. Posting pics on instagram and facebook leaves me shaking for 30 minutes ----I tested it out recently, please believe me----- this sounds so ironic since I'm doing this but in here I'm somehow anonymous but not really. (idk if u got that but yeah)
  • I'm moody af, don't even get me started on explaining this. (deal with it!)
  • I'm a messy person but a clean freak at the same time. (can anyone relate?)
  • currently obsessed with the color blood red
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Hello sassy, sexy and sweet!
  • Hobbies:
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press flowers, paint, journal and read like my life depended on it
  • Talk to me about conspiracies and deep shit in life, we would end until one of us gets tired of yapping their mouths.
things like this, I'm down for honey
  • I've been thinking about adopting a dog lately, but I'm too scared that I can't handle it well enough.
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someone stop me

That's what I can come up with for now, if you're willing to talk to a just message me. Also, please check out my previous and inform me if you guys want more of those "writings".