hi! its me the author. this article is based on my own action from school. I was about to make a magazine based on a topic
"tips and tricks for school days"
in this action, i interviewed probably like 16 students. i asked them what are problems while you're facing school. and the most results are these <3. hope this article could help you while facing school. <333

Anxiety: some students had anxiety problems with school. I have faced a lot of these when I first moved in to this school and also when I first moved in to the MYP grade, and this is how I solute the problems. The solution that I gave you can be worked at home or even school.
- take a warm shower. Warm showers helps a lot, they are relaxing for your body and also your following brain. It could relax your muscles, it could relieve stress and it also could reduce anxiety. I tottally recommend this idea!
- If you cant access hot water, cold water also helps to make your anxiety off. It could free your mind out of things, it makes your mind calm and relaxed. You could also use this idea for your anxiety problems! :)
- If you’re having an anxiety attack at school, you could use the idea to breathe deeply. It could help you to reduce the stress and help your brain to get some oxygen to help your brain to me more focused.
- You could also distract yourself when your having an anxiety attack. Like reciting your favourite song lyrics, reciting poems and etc. This could help you a lot, you could do this at school or even house

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Stress: some students mentioned stress because there are too many homeworks to do. Mostly, whom that mentioned this problem is grade 6 students probably their just new for this MYP world, but if you aren’t new you could do:
- Meditate, you could try to maditate I really suggest you to do this because it helps you to be calm, it could make your brain relaxed. While meditating, breathe deeply so the oxygen could access the brain and make the brain to be more focused.
- If you are stressed because there is a lot of homework, try to look at your notes. It would help you to make your homework faster.

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Bullying: I couldn’t help you how to not get bullied, but I know how to get your mind off when you got bullied by someone.
- Read books, reading could get your mind off things since your busy reading and entertained by the book.
- Ignore what are they talking about you. You will get more anxious and scared to go and face school. So anything weird that they mentioned about you, ignore them and let you be you!
- Get someone to talk to. Search for someone that you’re comfortable with and also trust with. If you don’t really trust any of your friends, you could also tell the counselling teacher that is in school. So you could let your heart out and make your mind off even more.

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Studying: when I interviewed people, no one mentioned they have hard time studying but I’am going to tell you anyways. Because I see that some students are really having a hard time to study so here are some tips for whom is having a hard time studying!
- you could make effective notes! By meaning effective notes is, make your notes more interesting so you could want to read it again and again until you memorized the topic already.
- Have a really fast speaking teacher and your notes are a mess? Well its easy to solve this problem! Just write every main-points that you heard from the teacher. And if its still a mess you could just re-write it!
- If you really like to make notes complete, but it’s a mess you could make the notes all over again when you have a free time to do It. This also could help to make you to memorize the topic easier when your about to be in a test.

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