Kaitlyn Evans

"So I'm living in a mansion with my kleptomatic boyfriend, his terrorist father, and the terrorists honeybun boyfriend?"


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Kaitlyn likes to make everyone believe she's perfect and normal, and considering the breakout of mutants she is. No one knows how cruel her mom is, and no one knows that she actually thinks mutants are normal because if they did she'd half to start answering questions she'll never have answers for. She's okay living her life playing pretend until she meets Peter Maximoff who shows her she should be celebrated for her differences, but all the confidence she built up with him vanishes the day he leaves her and there unborn child without even realizing it.


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She is sexy and she knows she is, so confidence hangs over her and she doesn't even try. Girls envy her fair skin and and golden hair, and boys love her hourglass figure. However she can't stand the attention and tries her best to avoid it.


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Kaitlyn despite being laid back worries about people and there problems, and is always wanting to help them even if her own are worse.


Peter Maximoff: Boyfriend

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"I let you go because I love you..."

Destiny Evans: Mother

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"Everything I did was to protect you, and you repay me eby becomiing one of them..."

Erik Lehnsherr: Father Figure

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"I won't lose my family again that includes you..."

Charles Xavier: Other Father Figure

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"I knew your mother once and she wasn't as bad as you would think, but people change when crisis strikes..."