Hello, it's my first article. Sorry for mistakes in grammar I'm still trying to learn English.


You should know that everybody has got problems. Maybe little or maybe more. So if you think '' I'm the only one who suffers'' You could be the only one who has dark clouds around one's head. If you think like that, you will feel lonely and this feeling can destroy you.

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Sometimes you look at the mirror and you don't even want to go out. You think that your body is not enough to tease other people. But it is not important actually, wear your pajamas and go out who can say something about that? You can't feel beautiful as soon as you read it. But I'll give you an advice. You should say parts of your body which you think its beautiful to you. Don't afraid to do what you want. Wear hats, made tattoos, dye your hair, wear pink, wear yellow, wear black, whatever you want. Wear what you like.İt will make you happy.

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Even if you don't have enough possibilities, you should eat healthily. Drink water, have breakfast, drink green tea etc.

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RUN. Go out and run as fast as you can. Your body will feel free and if you keep going to do sports, your body will be in a perfect shape.

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