Darling you need to close your eyes. Close your eyes and then look at the world. It will seem different. Not too big for the pretty little you.
Neither too small for the lost little you. Some days, the people might hurt you. You might weep over it but worry not dear, for the world will still be a beautiful place. All you'll have to do is to simply close your eyes and drift away. Drift away to that Sunny side patch you used play in with the little boy you had a crush on. Skip over to the field of daffodils you looked over from your granny's house every time you visited. Did it remind you of the house you used to love so much? The house that smelled of baked cookies. A house in the outskirts far far away from the dazzling lights of big cities. A house at a place where the cicadas would sing all night long. When you'll close your eyes, you will not ever forget how warm was that small two room flat you grew up in. You will remember falling from your bike onto those narrow and hard concrete streets. You will remember that once upon a time you would weep over losing at an impromptu football match or getting last place in hopscotch. You will always remember being comforted by dad's big arm thrown around you or mum's strong reprimand over being such a crybaby. It will seem lighter then, you'll feel better. I know you will. So for once in your life, just once, know that you are not as hurt as you think you are. Know that a world where you belong does exists. And as long as you remember it, you'll know that you are alive. Alive and not just living. Not too happy but alive still. For this world is a place for everyone and you have had a share of it. So, my darling, just stop for a second there and close your eyes. It will do the magic. It will do all the magic you'll ever need.
-Kriti Singh