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Berre Memet
Berre Memet

1) Jewelry

piercing, earrings, and ear image Temporarily removed Image removed nails, style, and beauty image

2) Bags

Image removed Image removed fashion, outfit, and bag image Temporarily removed

3) Beanies/Hats

aesthetic, beanie, and beautiful image black and white, details, and gray image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

4) Scarves

scarf and fashion image outfit image etsy, chunky scarf, and winter scarf image fashion, autumn, and outfit image

5) Belts

Image removed fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and gucci image fashion, outfit, and style image

6) Umbrellas

umbrella, rain, and rainbow image Image removed umbrella, rain, and pink image amsterdam, autumn, and denmark image

7) Cute Socks

autumn, fall, and coffee image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image Image by Marina Lieberman( König-Nebel) autumn, book, and candle image

8) Watches

Inspiring Image on We Heart It clock, jewelry, and luxury image montre, watch, and victoriagrey image women's, girlfriend watch, and minimalist watch her image

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