Who do you blame?

Whose fault is it that you're in this predicament?

I blame:

The internet
My parent
My teachers


This is starting to feel kinda generic.

I blame my eyes. For not being able to see what a jerk he was.

I blame my brain for getting that F on that test

I blame my hands for not being able to work hard enough

I blame my heart for doing more than just beating

So, I will ask you again who do you blame for the predicament you are in?

Tell me who is to blame:

For your outrageous beauty

Your amazing talent

Your happiness

Your laugh

Your smile.

There might be influencers but you are always to blame.
The test for this week is to try to blame less people for the good and the bad that happens in your life. Sometimes it's your fault.

Theme Song: Car Radio by 21 pilots

-Protect Love