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Let’s face it, having damaged hair SUCKS! I really like my long hair and I could never imagine myself cutting it. My every trip to the hair salon is only to cut off a few centimetres and of course, it only happens like once a year (even though I do know I should be going a lot more frequently than that). That means that I have to do my absolute best to keep my hair in great condition so that I do not have to cut off half of it just to get rid of the split ends. And that is where the way I style my hair plays such an important role!

I do not have beautiful natural curls (I used to when I was young but that only lasted until I was like 5, maybe even younger than that) and my hair is not straight either, most definitely NOT straight. My natural hair is really a mess. It is a combination of curly, wavy, freezy and wild. Not a pretty sight. As I am desperately trying to avoid going to the hair salon for a trim, I really try to stay away from using too many hair styling products and of course from using heat. So I have created this little routine in order to style my hair without using heat, and just make it presentable really.

Step #1 I wash my hair, brush it out and just let it air dry. Step #2, before it is fully dry I put my hair in a braid and keep it like that overnight. Step #3 I take my hair out of the braid and run my fingers through my hair to get out any knots and make it look more natural. Step #4, I do not always do this step but if the top of my hair is extra freezy and crazy, I either use some hairspray and brush the tame it down or I use a hair straightener and go over the top part of my hair a few times. Step #5 is like my secret weapon and it makes the biggest difference! I used to have bangs so now I have two long pieces of hair hanging on the sides of my face and OMG, if I do not do something with those two little pieces of hair, my whole ‘look’ just goes out of the window lol. So I take my curling wand and create very very loose curls on either side of my face. Step #6, this is another optional step that I do not always follow but basically, if my hair feels really dry for some reason, I will warm up some coconut oil in my hands and just run my fingers through the ends of my hair to give it some life. Step #7 flip my hair to the left, and I am ready to go!

Thank you for reading this post and I hope that you come back for more.


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