Hey there, beautiful people of WHI!

I am a person, who needs to listen to music all day long, especially when I am driving. Best would be my fav songs from my spotify playlist and those I want to share with you.

Here we go:

Littel warning: could be a long post ;P

and again, lettsego!

~Waste it on me - Steve Aoki, BTS
~Auf und davon - Casper
~Tokyo - RM
~Remeber the name - Fort minor
~Avenir - Louane
~River - Bishop Briggs
~Leftovers - Dennis Llyod
~Say you wont let go - James Arthur
~KIllin me - iKon
~Way back home - SHAUN
~Rooftop- Nico Santos
~We are your firends - Ksuke
~Just hold on - Steve Aoki
~Most girls - Hailee Steinfeld
~do re mi - blackbear
~Pretender - Steve Aoki
~Anpanman - BTS
~Cafe - BigBang
~Ariel - Casper
~Your side of the bed - Loote
~ Sick boy - the chainsmokers
~Who you? - GD
~Somewhere I belong - Linkin Park
~Whistle (accoustic version) - Blackpink
~Moonlight - Grace VanderWaal
~Zeit verschwenden -SDP
~Stay (jap. version) - Blackpink
~Champio (Remix) - Fall out boys feat RM
~Ziehst du mit - Mine
~Bitch - Meredith Brooks
~New York - Ed Sheeran
~Fight like hell - J.T.Machinima
~Tirbute to Linkin Park - Peter Hollens
~Bartender ~ James Blunt
~Trauerfeierlied ~ Alligatoah
~20qm - Casper
~Bubblegum Bitch - Marina and the Diamonds
~King of the Hill - Dame

I didn`t put in all songs, it would be a never ending list otherwise... XD bye