Hello hearters, it's been a while since I posted something...I guess inspiration wasn't by my side lately, but I just sat down this morning and wrote this. I hope it inspires you to take a closer look. Enjoy it and have a nice day, wherever you are.

I started using social media in highschool. It was new, fun and exciting. It was a bubble where we could share, laugh and chat with our crushes. I had many "friends" and shared a lot with them. I was obsessed with posting, but that was just an indication of my thirst for likes. It was like getting an approval, like being evaluated to a higher score in some kind of a life game.

As I got older, I started feeling uncomfortable with all these people who I didn't know taking a part in my life. Gradually I took my photos down, feeling like protecting what is mine and should be kept private. I unfriended most of my online friends, and deleted everything I ever liked and posted. It felt amazing, a fresh start with only a handful of people who I really know and care about. That didn't inspire me to post, though. I stopped sharing and started living. I used my phone less to check up on posts.

I remember the moment a friend told me how annoyed she was with fake people posting pictures and I sad "well it's up to you who you're gonna follow. If that annoys you, unfollow them." And that's how it struck me. After almost 10 years of being on- I wanted only one thing, and that is to get offline.

When it all starts to feel too much again, I simply deactivate my account for a while. It feels good. It's not easy to quit from one day to another, because there are family members and friends who need to adjust and get new apps to communicate with me, so I stick to one who connects us the best. I use it to check up on global news and interesting events.

I am aware in what kind of a society we live in. It is above all visual. We take it all in by a swipe. But let's not let it devour us. Let's use social media for fun and learning, as a distraction after a hard day. As a global platform that offers us to develop in who we want to be.

I think the moment when you start using social media to serve you is the moment you realise you have nothing to prove to anyone. Your life does not need a filter to be magical, exciting and beautiful. You don't need people to approve of your beauty or anything else.

Be careful who you share your life with.