donuts, food, and sweet image Temporarily removed
Sweet tooth, Pastel jeans, Cute stationary, Easily hurt, Dandelions, A bit hyper sometimes, Bright eyeshadow, Loyal, Baking muffins for friends, Loves dressing up, Not shy at all, Goes to every party, Favourite song on repeat, Giggling at 2 am at a sleepover


chocolate, drink, and food image food and pizza image
Chilled out, Tshirt and shorts, Flawless skin, Bold lipstick, Comfy tracksuit pants, Cuddles friends for hours to comfort them, Messy hair, Smudged mascara, Lazy summer days by the pool


food, yummy, and delicious image nuggets and food image
Loves wearing cute workout clothes but never actually exercises, Classy, Natural makeup, Messy hair, Cute and bubbly, Aesthetics, Lip gloss, Shiny hair, Fur coats, A billion pair of shoes, Obsessed with money,


food, McDonalds, and nuggets image food, drink, and fast food image
Really social, Simplistic, Good at school, Dreamily gazing into the sky, Loved by everyone, Neat hair, Cries to themselves a lot, Daisies, Loves mathematics, Summer breeze, Crisp clean sheets, Quiet laughter, Nice eyes


burger and food image food, McDonalds, and burger image
Really random, Weirdly funny jokes, mixed feelings about life, Rainy days, Dearly loved by their closest friends, Different nail colour everyday, Perfectly bushy eyebrows, Play chess, A bit quiet, Alternative indie music