i’m no expert and this was more of a research project for me, because i haven't actually used a menstrual cup but would like to make the switch one day... so please message me, if you use one, i would love to hear your experiences/recommendations/opinions on this topic. <3
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so, with little research, here's what i learnt -

  • the obvious, it is MUCH CLEANER for the environment; the cup is reusable so no more tampons, pads and applicators going to landfill
  • no risk of toxic shock syndrome* as menstrual cups have not been known to be associated with tss
  • the silicone cups are more gentle on sensitive skin; perfect for those prone to thrush, eczema and/or other skin symptoms
  • it doesn’t mess with your natural, healthy vaginal functions; does not cause dryness because they are non absorbent
  • it is SO much cheaper because you are no longer spending money almost monthly on pads and tampons
  • they are said to be super easy and simple to use, and much like a tampon you won't even know it's there
i'll stop there just to keep this article short, brief but informative enough... i hope this article was helpful but i do recommend more thorough research if you are still unsure but want to try it out:)) x -aida

*toxic shock syndrome (tss) is a condition caused by bacterial toxins. symptoms may include fever, rash, skin peeling, and low blood pressure.